The restaurant Aroleid Kollektiv is the perfect location for your event in the mountains of Zermatt.

Our Location has seating for 50 inside and 70 outside, and stands ready to receive guests for breakfast, lunch and if needed dinner as well. The modern, open plan kitchen is equipped with top-of the line tools, for talent always deserves quality.

We are more than happy to provide the premises and all the support you may need to enjoy any private or public occasion, which you want to share with friends, family, or colleagues. 

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With our Coffee Workshops we allow guests to take classes in all aspects of the art of coffee.

Here you learn how to brew and to maintain your equipment. Arguably most importantly, how to create that foam heart and rossetes in the center of your flat white!
All beans are carefully sourced, roasted with love in the mountains of Zermatt.
Contact us for further information or visit our website of Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.

With our own Keramik studio we offer pottery classes as part of the greater immersive experience of the Kollektiv

Contact us for further information or visit our website of Zermatt Keramik.

Come and enjoy our fine single wood smoked raclette tasting! We will use walnut, cherry or oak wood for gentle smoking accompanied with fermented vegetable garnishes for pairings.

Please be aware if you decide to turn up without booking we might not have a table for you! In the restaurant you can enjoy 360 Rundklang surround sound and that’s if you would like to celebrate your board game win with a little dance! Bring your friends and enjoy a culinary adventure competing in board games like like Dogtag, Ravensburger, Kosmos, plenty of dice and cards too. Swiss local wine together with biodynamic wine selection, sake and single malts. We are looking forward to meet you this winter in Furi!

We are a part of an emerging trend in world-class, cosmopolitan gastronomy: being on top of the world at a premier ski resort does not exclude you from the innovation, excellence and atmosphere that you have come to expect of first-rate establishments elsewhere, whether in London, Tokyo, Copenhagen or New York.



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